What's the technology?

The next generaton window films are here. SolarScreen Z Series films are based on Magnetron Sputtering Technology. Created in a vacuum chamber, layers of thin polyester materials are laminated with different types of heat resistant metal alloys. While maintaing a clear look, these films block out infrared radiation exceptionally well.

The heat reflection ability of these films make them great for architectural use, or any application where you wish to make the indoor climate more comfortable but don't want to compromise on the natural light.

Magnetron Sputtering Technology from SolarScreen

The SolarScreen Z series window films block out 99% of the UV radiation to avoid faded furnishing. They also reduce glare to improve clarity and vision. With high optical resolution, a specially formulated adhesive and an anti-scratch coating, these films offer you a lifetime of performance and satisfaction. All backed with our 10 years limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Our range of Z Series films

We stock a range of Z Series films that offer a different mix of visual light (percentage tint), infrared rejection and color.

Options in the Z Series heat rejection film from SolarScreen

Want further information?

Download the product brochure for Z Series to know more about this product and its characteristics.

Brochure for SolarScreen Z series Product Brochure

Few of our projects using the Z Series

P.F.Chang's Karachi


P.F.Chang's were looking to reduce both their indoor temperature and the amount of natural light, to offer their diners a more comfortable dining experience. The SolarScreen Z8 film delivered a stunning 78% reduction in window heat gain and a 56% reduction in natural light.

Monal Liberty Chowk

Monal Restaurant

Having worked with the Monal Group in the past, they again trusted us with thermal insulation of their restaurant in Lahore. Our transparent Z8 Series variant delivered a spectacular 69% heat rejection while letting in the natural light. The reduced glare helped offer even stunning views of the city from this 11th floor courtyard.

F1 Traxx Islamabad

F1 Traxx

The indoor play area in this glass building suffered from intolerable heat gain. The SolarScreen Pakistan team shielded these premises with our premium Z Series film, for climate control in all weathers. This resulted in a remarkable 67% heat rejection.