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At SolarScreen Pakistan, we strive to understand the science of solar heat gain. Our experienced R&D team enables us to develop unique products that offer unrivalled performance. Our innovative products are backed with our excellent service to our clients. It is no surprise, SolarScreen Pakistan has become a trusted name for heat control solutions.

Our core services include thermal insulation of windows, skylights and automobiles. As of January 2020, we have installed our products at more than 500 buildings across Pakistan. Our clients include leading national and international brands in every market segment. Many of our clients are from the Industrial, Retail, Educational and Healthcare sectors. We also provide services to many Defence projects of Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force. Please click below to know more about our company.

We believe heat control solutions should cater for the local climate. Most companies in the window film industry have a fixed set of products that they promote for every country and region. SolarScreen Pakistan moved away from this concept to offer products that are tailor made for the local climate.

Our responsibility towards the environment is well understood at SolarScreen Pakistan. High energy consumption has an associated high carbon footprint. Our products will not only help reduce your electricity costs, they help you fulfil your responsibility towards the environment.

About Us

When dealing with SolarScreen Pakistan, you will be dealing with professionals. Our staff include engineers and surveyors, to offer you the best advice.

At SolarScreen Pakistan, we specialise in heat control. We have a presence in major cities of Pakistan. Our teams in each city consists of qualified and trained sales staff, professional installers and an active after-sales support team. Your feedback is extremely important to us. We constantly strive to offer the best service and are always looking for a way to improve our offering.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make your living environment more comfortable. We aim to be the experts in our field, provide innovative products with proven results and offer complete peace of mind to our customers.

Why SolarScreen?

At SolarScreen, aesthetics are an important part of our solution’s design. Unlike traditional heat control solutions like sun shades and chick blinds, our customers don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics of their premises to achieve heat control. As a large company we are able to derive substantial savings from economies of scale, savings that we pass

One of our installers cleaning the glass prior to an installation

SolarScreen Pakistan’s products are manufactured under an ISO 9001 compliant quality management system. Our products have been tested in CE accredited laboratories for performance and longevity. SolarScreen Pakistan offers the best product warranties available on the market. In the unlikely event of a defect, we offer product replacement and installation free of charge.

Benefits of our products

Feroze1888 working with SolarScreen Pakistan

Most people consider double-glazed windows to be the best solution for heat control. A study of many different double-glazed windows in Pakistan found these windows only stop between 28% and 30% of the solar heat. Adding imported low-E glass adds a great deal of cost, but the performance benefits are not substantial.

Since 54% of the sun’s heat is carried in Infrared rays, our climate control window films have high Infrared heat rejection as a primary function. Our products also offer 99% rejection of harmful UV rays to avoid faded furnishings and offer anti-glare properties to improve vision clarity.

Our films have a heat absorbing or heat reflecting rejection layer. This layer also reflects indoor radiant heat, to prevent heat loss. This enables our films to keep your space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

We stock the largest range of climate control window films in Pakistan, including nano-ceramic, metal sputtering, nano-silver, dyed and carbon films.

This variety helps us to cater to the performance and aesthetic requirements of every client, and enables us to cater to every type of application including industrial, residential, retail, corporate, defence and healthcare.

Our Locations

SolarScreen Pakistan Locations

Through its operations in 3 major cities of Pakistan, any city of Pakistan is within easy reach of SolarScreen Pakistan. Our head office is in Islamabad, where our top management is based. Through its regional operations directors, SolarScreen is able to take business decisions locally throughout Pakistan.

Our service standards are strictly controlled and KPIs monitored to ensure a seamless business operation.

Our aim in 2020 and onwards is to open outlets in more cities and Pakistan and expand in the Middle-East, to ensure an even swifter service delivery timeframe.

With the global temperatures on the rise due to global warming, we want to ensure our products and services are available to everyone.

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