What's the technology?

Hundreds of layers of tiny ceramic particles absorb the heat that would otherwise go through your glass. Our ceramic material is from USA and has characteristically high heat absorption.

The ceramic films have very low reflectivity meaning you are able to see right through these transparent films. This makes these films ideal for retail stores, shopping malls and automobiles.

The Nano-Ceramic Technology from SolarScreen

The SolarScreen Nano-Ceramic window film series incorporates innovative technology that allows both carbon and small ceramic particles to share the duty of protecting your interior with the advantages of both while significantly reducing the downsides they would have on their own. Our unique formula decreases the size of carbon particles down to a nano scale, preventing the haze and glare from typical carbon films while maintaining its incredible durability. What’s more, by encapsulating high-purity ceramic particles, we’ve further enhanced the color stability of ceramic while maintaining its higher visibility. SolarScreen X Series is an innovative product with improved visibility and durability, with higher color stability and heat rejection compared to all other automotive window films and metalized films on the market.

Our range of ceramic films

We stock a range of ceramic X Series films that offer a different mix of visual light (percentage tint), infrared rejection and color.

Options in the X Series from SolarScreen

Want further information?

Download the product brochure for X Series to know more about this product and its characteristics.

Brochure for SolarScreen X series Product Brochure

Some of our projects using the X Series

Retail premises of Charizma insulated by SolarScreen


Charizma stores choose our low reflection X9-S70 ceramic film for their stores to help offer a more comfortable shopping environment to their customers and lower their electricity bills. These clear films with low reflection ensures potential customers see into the store from outside.

Coffee Planet with SolarScreen Z Series installation

Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet trusts our X9 series ceramic films for their outlets. This significantly helped improve the air conditioning load and increased client comfort at their outlets .

Gujranwala Shopping Center with SolarScreen products

Gujranwala Shopping Center

The management at Gujranwala Shopping Center put their faith in the SolarScreen X Series climate control film. When aesthetics and performance are important, the X Series filsm are a natiral choice.