What's the technology?

The metal Silver offers the best heat rejection of all heat rejection materials used in the film world. It also helps keep the natural light out. SolarScreen B Series films make the best use of these properties. Many layers of nano Silver particles are deposited on the PET material using Electron Beam Evaporation technology in high vacuum. The electron beam causes atoms from the source material to evaporate into the gaseous phase. These atoms then precipitate into solid form, coating everything in the vacuum chamber (within line of sight) with a thin layer of the anode material.

The metallized B Series films offer a fantastic look for your building, plus added protection against the sun’s most unwelcome side effects: untouchably hot surfaces, damage from extended exposure, and AC that just can’t keep up.

B Series film from SolarScreen

The SolarScreen B series window films block out up to 90% of the UV radiation to avoid faded furnishing. They also reduce glare to improve clarity and vision. With high optical resolution, a specially formulated adhesive and an anti-scratch coating, these films offer you a high performance sun control solution.

Our range of B Series films

We stock a range of B Series films that offer a different mix of visual light (percentage tint), infrared rejection and color.

Options in the B Series heat rejection film from SolarScreen

Want further information?

Download the product brochure for B Series to know more about this product and its characteristics.

Brochure for SolarScreen B series Product Brochure

Few of our projects using the B Series

Huzaifa Center Islamabad

Huzaifa Center, Islamabad

Our client required us to lower their AC cooling bills and improve the cooling at their premises, as well as lower the amount of glare for people working inside this building. SolarScreen B Series climate control film delivered an 80% heat rejection.

The Dental Consultants, Islamabad

The Dental Consultants, Islamabad

The Dental Consultants in F11 Islamabad wanted to reduce their electricity bill by protecting their windows against solar heat. They also wanted to keep the current aesthetics of the green glass. SolarScreen provided them with green metallic B Series film which significantly improved their indoor temperature while keeping the look of the plaza the same from outside.

Smile Center Islamabad

The Smile Center, Islamabad

The sun exposed windows of this clinic made the offices and surgery rooms suffer from heat gain. The aesthetic solution offered by B Series film by SolarScreen Pakistan made these premises significantly more comfortable.